The SCG 004 Off-Road Concept is a Sexy Desert Racer

Images: SGC

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) Off-Road Concept

SCG is known for their track and sports car designs, which is why the rendering for this SCG 004 Off-Road concept was a surprise.

On top of that, SGC says they are considering an off-road vehicle kit that can be purchased and assembled by customers in the future.

This is according to a post on their Facebook page.

It’s assumed that their outrageous powertrains could be part of said kit – and if that’s the case, it will probably be similar to the Baja Boot they currently produce. Depending on the setup, it produces between 460 and 650 horsepower.

Image: SCG

Serious off-road knowledge

” The SCG Boot is a modern high-performance homage to the Steve McQueen Baja Boot. It will be an all-terrain platform capable of pre-running the Baja at speed, crawling through the rocks at Hammertown, and exploring the backcountry roads in between. The race version will be able to race the full Baja 1000. The Boot will be NHTSA Low Volume Compliant with a 17-digit VIN, at least 49 state legal.” – – SGC

You can read more about the SCG Baja Boot (here).

SCG Baja Boot

Right now, renderings of lifted sports cars and hyper-cars are all the rage. Very few look remotely plausible. Even this one looks doubtful; however, considering SCG’s off-road expertise, you never know what they could produce.

Let’s hope it’s as cool as the SCG 004 Off-Road concept!

Speaking of off-road racing…

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