This All Electric Ford Bronco is Gorgeous

With the return of the Ford Bronco happening quite soon, it makes sense that the model would have some serious buzz around it.

But the buzz around the Zero Labs Bronco is thanks to its all-new electric architecture. The Zero Labs Bronco is not brand new, but rather, the company has announced a brand new platform that offers new capabilities to the electrified SUV.

It uses a new fully independent suspension in the front and rear, an automatic transmission and a new all-wheel drive setup that gets 600 horsepower from two motors. Air suspension is part of the package now as well.

Level 3 fast charging is possible with the new truck, which can come as a hard top, soft top or with a roof delete. The original Zero Motors Bronco had a unique carbon fiber body, but this new model now has a standard steel body to keep costs down.

Battery capacity and range did not change with the new platform, which means a 70 kWh battery pack provides about 190 miles.

These beauties won’t come cheap either, as pricing for steel body Broncos starts at $185,000, while the carbon fiber version costs closer to $240,000.