2013 Ford F-150 Van Life – DIY Home on Wheels

This 2013 Ford F-150 is the property of Jake, a professional water skier who lives in it when he’s on the road. He’s in touch with his inner “Van Life” vibe.
(Images: Jake M)

Competitive water skier ain’t messing around!

This is a fun looking build and the email covers something we’re doing more and more, fan videos. We have a new series called, “Dude, I love or hate my ride – home edition.” It is out there for you, our viewers to submit videos of your vehicles.

Recently, a guy named Jake sent us an email about his truck, and he wanted instructions about submitting a video. Well, we dug his photos so much, we though you guys would get a kick out of them as well!

By the way, all video submissions should go to ask@tfltruck.com

Here’s his email:

I have a 2013 F150 that is pretty unique and I would love to have it featured on your show! I was wondering what the process is to submit a video and what I would have to do to be featured if possible.

Nice job. Looks cozy!

So, why is my F150 different than any other f150??!?! Simple! I have built up my truck to resemble a “van life” build. Have a topper on my truck with a full camping set up with plentiful storage. I travel across the country to waterski competitively, and I needed a reliable truck that could fit all my ski equipment.

The truck has been amazing and was super easy to convert into a camping setup. I have spend many nights in the back of my truck and it is fantastic. I would love to share this on your channel and hopefully inspire and show people how easy it is to make your truck a camper! 
Thanks a ton!

-Jake M

Check out this video below for some instructions on what we’re looking for and how to do it!

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