Doubling the Value of Our Land Rover with a Roof Top Tent Install [Video]

Putting a rooftop tent onto your vehicle makes it a great option for spending some nights in the wilderness in comfort and safety.

We installed a new Roofnest Sparrow on our Land Rover Discovery, a simple process that brought a lot of value to our old Landie. The Sparrow is a hardshell tent that can be mounted on a variety of vehicles, offering enough sleeping space for two.

Simply unlatch the hardshell top and it lifts up thanks to a set of struts, meaning that tent setup and breakdown is simple. The other advantage to this design is that you can leave the 3-inch mattress inside the tent and it will be protected.

Buying a Sparrow will set you back about $3000 USD, which is our case doubled the value of our cheap Land Rover. Watch the full video above to see the installation process for yourself.