Watch a Ford Raptor Come to Life From a Block of Wood

Watching videos of vehicles being produced in a factory can be satisfying, but I’d say not quite as satisfying as watching a Ford Raptor come to life from a block of wood.

Shared on the “Woodworking Art” YouTube channel, the detail that goes into this Ford Raptor is impressive and watching it all come together is mesmerizing. Tons of small pieces come together to make this Raptor whole.

Clearly this carpenter is also a gearhead, as the channel is filled with videos showing wooden cars coming to life including a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser, 1959 Cadillac Convertible and more. The channel is relatively fresh, with its first upload coming less than one year ago.

The tiny details are what makes this Raptor so special, from the bearings in the wheels to the springs, this little wooden truck is a great representation of the real thing.

Watch the full video above to see this master carpenter in action.