Can This Affordable RZR Keep Up with the Big Boys in Moab? We Find Out!

Moab, Utah is an off-roaders paradise, and these days, the side-by-sides are probably the most popular way to tour around the gorgeous landscape.

Renting a machine in Moab is easy and the choices in wide ranging. Over the past Memorial Day weekend, TFL took the chance to rent a Polaris RZR 1000 S to see exactly how it would hold up on the Utah trails.

We have been all over Moab in every type of Jeep and pickup truck that’s out there, but coming in a side-by-side is a different experience. The average speeds you can carry are much faster than in a Jeep, allowing you to run long trails much quicker. The open air experience is also a great way to experience a place as beautiful as Moab.

Prices for RZRs and side-by-sides in general have been shooting up in recent years as well, though if you don’t need a turbocharger and insane suspension travel, you can still find machines that aren’t too expensive. This particular RZR carried a price tag of about $17,000, a far cry from the top-trim models that can go for nearly double that amount.

And despite the price difference, this RZR tackled everything that Fins and Things had to offer in Moab.

Watch the full video above to see the RZR on the rocks in Moab.