Dude, I Love or Hate My Bulldozer: Is a Dozer the Ultimate Off-Roader?

When it comes time to build new off-road trails in the thick forest, there are few machines better than a bulldozer.

In this weekend’s special episode of Dude, I Love or Hate My Ride, we take a look at an 1976 International track loader owned by my dad. This particular machine helps us to clear new trails, the very same that you see regularly in TFLOffroad videos.

A three-cylinder diesel engine makes just 44 horsepower in this E Series dozer, but still the hydraulics are rated to lift around 5000 pounds, more than enough to pull trees straight out of the ground.

A set of steel tracks means that this machine can go just about anywhere, and though it moves slowly, it’s always purposefully and slowly chugging forward, despite what is in its path.

Make sure you watch the video above to see it in action, and then let us know in the comments if you believe that this is truly the best off-road machine you can bring home.