John Deere X350 Review: A Year-Round Tractor Gets Ready for Summer

Having a large property to maintain means you’ll need some machinery, and in my case that machine is a John Deere X350.

Purchased to blow snow in the winter and cut grass in the summer, the John Deere X350 is two steps up the Deere lawn tractor chain, which begins with the small 100- and 200-series tractors.

Moving into the 300 means you’ll be getting a larger tractor with beefier components and frame, an important consideration for snow usage. Under the hood of the X350 is an 18.5-horsepower Kawasaki engine sending its power through a hydrostatic transmission.

That makes the X350 capable of two-pedal operation, keeping things dead simple. One pedal for forward and the other for reverse.

We did the swap over from snow blower to lawn mower ourselves, and using the provided instructions, the change is simple. It took roughly 1.5 hours the first time, but I get the feeling next fall the process will be quicker.

To see the X350 in action, make sure you watch the full video above.