See How the Colorado ZR2 Works as An Overlander in This Owner Review – Dude, I Love My Ride @Home Edition

As we continue to receive submissions from around the world in response to Dude, I Love My Ride @Home, let me start by saying thank you to everyone that sent a video in.

Of all the off-road pickups we’ve seen so far, this looks to be one of the nicest off-road builds, combining smart equipment in the right places and leaving what’s already good alone.

This particular Colorado has a rooftop tent mounted on a steel rack system in the bed and plenty of lights mounted in all directions to make sure your camp is well illuminated. Low-hanging shock mounts have been armoured on this truck as well, a smart move to protect the Colorado from one of its weaknesses.

And as much as we like the truck, we love the ceiling mounted storage system for the tent and steel rack that this owner setup in his garage!

Make sure you watch the video above to see the truck for yourself and thanks to Kevin for sending it in.