The 9 Items You Must Bring on Every ATV or Side-by-Side Adventure

Heading out on the trails in your favourite machine is one of the best ways to spend your time, but going out unprepared can turn a good day into a nightmare.

In off-road trail riding, eventually something is going to go wrong, but if you’re prepared well enough it can make a huge difference. Below is our list of the ten essential items you need on a trail ride.

  1. Trail Maps/Local Knowledge

This one is simple: know where you are going! Modern technology is also very helpful for this, but I still recommend always bringing a paper map.

2. Tools

Bringing basic tools will help when its time to make trail repairs. A hammer, shovel, screwdrivers, pliers and more can come in real handy.

3. Spare Parts

You’ll be happy you have your tool if you need to install spare parts. Brining along spare fuses/relays is smart, an extra drive belt is essential and a spare tire or fix-a-flat kit is also clever. Make sure to research your own specific machine for common issues so you know what spares to bring.

4. First-Aid Kit

Self explanatory. Get yourself a good first-aid kit.

5. Safety Gear

Regardless of what you ride, head to toe coverage is important to keep your skin and body safe. A helmet, long-sleeve shirt, long pants, boots and gloves should be with you.

6. Trail Food

Snacks for the trail will keep your energy up and help you enjoy your day. Bringing lots of water is also a smart idea.

7. Recovery Gear

If you ride in gnarly places, you’re bound to get stuck eventually, so make sure you have a tow strap and a buddy, or a winch to get yourself out.

8. Paperwork

Make sure to have your ownership and proof of insurance on you at all times, preferably in a ziploc bag for protection.

9. Communications

Bring a fully charged cell phone with you. If you’re riding alone, make sure you tell people where you are going and when you’ll arrive.