Toyota VS Jeep – Which Owners Love Their Rigs More?

On this week’s Dude, I Love (or Hate) My Ride @Home Edition we are looking at two of the most storied off-road brands: Jeep and Toyota.

The question we are looking at this week is which owners truly love their brand more, Toyota people or Jeepers. We received submissions covering the Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner along with both the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler.

All of these vehicles are great off-road rigs and will serve you well when the pavement ends, especially if you’ve modified your rig like some of the owners in the video.

Full Line-X, superchargers, and 35-inch tires are just some of the modifications you’ll hear about, although just because a vehicle remains stock doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with it.

Watch the video above to see all of the rides, and then you decide which group loves their vehicles more.