2021 Ford Bronco Shows New Off-Road Tech in Teaser Video

Ford is letting more information slip on the upcoming Bronco, including a new off-road feature that will be helpful in tight spots.

Released on TheBroncoNation.com, an enthusiast website that is run by Ford behind the scenes, the video shows both two- and four-door Bronco models tackling some deep, slick mud.

The feature that stands out is known as a dig, an off-road trick that allows a vehicle to stop one of its axles while the other is being driven, helping to pull it around tight corners. Unlike those hardcore off-roaders though, this will likely be a brake-based system like the one employed on the Toyota Land Cruiser, operating the brakes on the inside wheel in a corner to help the Bronco turn tighter.

There is some other exciting Bronco news that has come to light as well, including the use of a seven-speed manual transmission, though this won’t be your regular shift-your-own gearbox.

Ford will apparently include an ultra-low first gear, specifically meant for crawling. Combined with a two-speed transfer case, this will probably be the lowest gearing available on the market, though it also means that in everyday driving this will essentially be a six-speed manual.

We can’t wait to see the Bronco in person and learn about the details, and you know we’ll bring them to you here on TFLOffroad as soon as we can.