How Far Can the 2020 Ram Rebel EcoDiesel Make it on One Tank of Fuel?

We recently took a road trip from Toronto to Sherbrooke, Quebec, to test out the epic ATAC-V Patrol.

And the vehicle we took was also off-road ready: the 2020 Ram Rebel EcoDiesel. We decided to try and squeeze every kilometer out of the tank to see exactly how far we could make it.

There is an optional 124-liter (32 gallon) fuel tank for the EcoDiesel, but our Rebel Quad Cab came equipped with the standard 98-liter (25 gallon) tank. The engine here is a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel making 260 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque, sent through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

We went to Quebec to take the ATAC-V Patrol out into the bush to see exactly how well it performs. You can watch that video here.

Turning back towards Ontario, I was hopeful that we would get a full 1000kms out of the tank, but we came up a little short. In total, we managed 947 kms (588 miles) on a single tank, averaging 9.6L/100kms.

Watch the full video embedded above to take the trip with us.