New Ford Bronco to Officially Debut in July

After months of vague spy photos and teasers, we now have a date for when we’ll see the new Bronco. Well, a vague date.

Ford will pull the wraps off its upcoming Jeep Wrangler competitor in July of 2020, though a specific date was not offered.

A lot of details on the new Bronco have already made their way out into the world, including some leaked photos that show us what the new SUV will look like. Here’s what we know:

The Bronco will have a solid rear axle, independent front suspension, generous off-road angles and the availability of a seven-speed manual transmission. Powertrain details are still just a guess, though it seems almost certain that one of Ford’s EcoBoost turbocharged powerplants will handle propulsion.

Off-road features will include a brake-based “dig,” helping the Bronco to maneuver off-road. Based on the leaked images, it does look like the roof on the Bronco will also be removable.

We do know a lot, but many details are still up in the air, so make sure you come back to TFLOffroad in July for all the latest details on the Bronco.