Rivian R1T Off-Road Testing Steps Up a Notch in New Video

Rivian has released new footage of its R1T pickup truck off-road testing at its proving grounds in Arizona, showing the truck hitting some tough trails for the first time.

The upcoming all-electric R1T boasts some impressive off-road numbers and now we have some footage to back them up. We see the truck hitting a high-speed dirt oval in the video along with tackling some loose rocks on a steep hill, handling it all well.

Air suspension will be able to lift the R1Ts body, giving it 14-inches of ground clearance, a 34.8 degree approach angle, 30.5 degrees of departure and a breakover of 25.7 degrees. In water, the R1T can ford up to 42.7 inches.

Four-wheel drive works a little different on the R1T compared to typical pickups, thanks to four individual electric motors, one for each wheel. That means that each wheel can be powered independently of the others, making locking differentials obsolete. It also allows the R1T to perform “tank turns,” where the truck spins in place.

Rivian had previously announced that the R1T would go on sale by the end of 2020, but it looks like the pandemic has pushed those plans back so that the truck should actually be in driveways by 2021. Pricing will begin at $69,000 USD and you can place reservations on the brand’s website right now.