Ski-Doo Wins Lawsuit Against Arctic Cat

Bombardier has won a lawsuit in Canada again Arctic Cat over patent infringement.

The maker of the Ski-Doo brand of snowmobiles, Bombardier has been awarded $2.8 million in damages, equal to a $135 royalty for each of the 20,934 Arctic Cat snowmobiles that were sold featuring the infringing technology.

Originally, Ski-Doo was suing over for different patent infringements, originally launching the suit in December of 2011. In 2017, a Federal Court ruled against Bombardier, though the company appealed and once back in a lower court, a justice agreed that Arctic Cat had infringed upon Ski-Doo’s pyramidal frame design.

That design helped to launch the REV lineup of snowmobiles back in 2002, the first sleds that features a rider forward position to help distribute your weight over the entire snowmobile better.

“The purpose of the so-called pyramidal brace assembly is to distribute the weight loaded onto a snowmobile. The patent is all about enhancing the ruggedness of the snowmobile and the ability of the snowmobile to operate on difficult terrains; that enhanced rigidity improves handling,” wrote the Justice in his decision.

“The real question is rather whether adding some rigidity, as the [Arctic Cat snowmobile model] is said to do, meets the requirement that there be a pyramidal brace assembly. I have not been persuaded that the skilled person would have come to the invention of the patent.”

Ski-Doo could end up being entitled to more money as well, as the decision currently ends with snowmobiles sold up until March 31, 2014. If the dates are expanded, it could cost Arctic Cat even more.

Arctic Cat has already announced that it “respectfully disagrees with the court’s ruling” and it will be launching an appeal.