An Off-Road Porsche 911 Rally Car? This German Tuner Is Building One On The 992 Platform

This is just a rendering so far, but they are developing a production version

An Off-Road Porsche 911 Rally Car? Yes, This German Tuner Put One Together

When most folks think about the iconic Porsche 911, they think “sports car”. They think “race track”. They do not think off-road or rally car, but that’s exactly what we have here. At least, we have a concept of what a modern off-road Porsche 911 would look like through the lens of German tuners Delta4x4. It’s not the first off-road inspired 911 — firms like RUF with the Rodeo Concept, and Porsche does have multiple Monte Carlo rally championships and a few Paris-Dakar trophies to their name. The car you see above, though, is the latest example of the Bavarian firm’s approach to creating such a machine.

An Off-Road Porsche 911 Rally Car? Yes, This German Tuner Is Putting One Together

According to Delta4x4, this 992-based off-road Porsche 911 is based on the brand’s earlier rally victories in the 1980s. Subjectively, the safari-spec looks awesome, and naturally this one comes based on the all-wheel drive Carrera 4S. A German entrepreneur approached the tuner and said that he’d like to take his brand new 911 from Ulm in the state of Baden-Württemberg to Dakar, which is in Senegal. Basically, their mission is to recreate the Paris-Dakar rally on a personal level.

An Off-Road Porsche 911 Rally Car? Yes, This German Tuner Is Putting One Together

So what’s gone into creating this off-road Porsche 911? For starter,s, the car has a reinforced chassis. You can spot the custom roofrack and PIAA lights in the front — another nod to the rally cars of yesteryear. Chunkier tires help bump the ground clearance to 250 millimeters (9.8 inches). So this does have the on-paper capability to take on the route. Beyond that figure and the visual changes, there’s not much information on this car just yet. Delta4x4 is still working on the details, and we should see a final representation sometime in 2021.

Still, despite the wait, it will be great to see what this car can do when it actually starts its journey. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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