Pricing is Here for the All-Electric Taiga Orca PWC

Taiga Motors has announced pricing for its new all-electric PWC called the Orca, starting at a base price of $15,000 USD.

There are three different models in the lineup, the base Orca Sport, the upgraded Orca Performance and the full Carbon Performance model. Sport models come with 120 horsepower while the performance cranks things up to 180 hp. Weight starts at 533 pounds for Sport models, 588 pounds for Performance models and 570 pounds for the Carbon models.

Only two riders can fit on Sport models while Performance and Carbon models have an optional three-person seat and a watersports package for towing someone.

Pricing begins at $15,000 for the Sport and cranks up to $17,500 for the Performance and $24,000 for the Carbon model.

Range and charge times are important factors in any electric vehicle, and here on the Orca, a 6.6kW onboard charger is standard and can refill its battery in three hours. For some extra cash, you can also upgrade to either a 9.9kW onboard charger with a two hour charge time or a DC fast charger that can do the job in 30 minutes.

Range is listed at 50kms for Sport models and 60 kms for Performance models, when running at 45 kp/h.

Standard features on every Taiga Orca includes a seven-inch center console, a GPS system, Wi-Fi over the air updates and Bluetooth connectivity.

Orca Sport and Performance model deliveries are targeted to begin summer 2021 through Taiga dealers and these machines can now be pre-ordered online with a $100 USD deposit.