2021 Polaris Sportman 450 H.O. & 570 See The First Major Updates In Eight Years: Here’s What Has Changed

The 2021 Polaris Sportman 450 H.O. & 570 See The First Major Updates In Eight Years

The 2021 Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. and Sportsman 570 ATVs are “smoother riding, stronger and more versatile”

With new platforms, new exterior design and a host of performance improvements, the Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. and Sportsman 570 lead the revamped 2021 Polaris lineup. This is the first time in eight years that such significant upgrades have been applied to the Sportsman.

The 2021 Sportsman 450 H.O. is $6,399, and the 2021 Sportsman 570 starts at $6,999. That’s their U.S. MSRP. The Sportsman is Polaris’ value leader.

Here’s what’s new and improved, according to Polaris:

  • More Towing and Clearance – The new Sportsman 450 H.O. and 570 boast increased towing capacity of 1,350 pounds. It was previously 1,225 pounds. Ground clearance is 11.5 inches (previously 10.5 inches on 450 H.O. and 11 inches on 570) – both class leading. It gives riders the confidence to go further and do more.
  • More Powerful Battery – A larger, more powerful battery delivers 78 percent more cold-cranking amps. The battery has been relocated underneath the front rack, providing easy access for maintenance. A battery charging port is conveniently located on the pod.
  • Larger, More Durable Tires – Upgraded 6-ply, 25-inch tires come standard on all models. They were 24-inch, 4-ply on the 450 H.O. and 25-inch, 4-ply on the 570. They provide increased ground clearance and puncture resistance for a smoother ride.
  • Stronger Racks – All 2021 Sportsman 450 H.O. and 570 models include steel front rack extenders as standard equipment, increasing strength. (There are also) tie-down options for more versatility when hauling.
  • Upgraded Engine Braking and Clutching – Polaris has improved the engine braking system (EBS) on applicable models for 2021. According to Polaris, it delivers a smoother, more controlled riding experience whether operating on hilly or flat terrain. Clutching on EBS-equipped models also receives an upgrade for smooth engagement at low speeds.
  • Intuitive and Easy Operation – One-touch, True On-Demand all-wheel drive, in-line shifting and single-lever braking continue for 2021. This is for the simplest, most effective user control. The ATVs are also pre-wired for easy winch, plow, and hand and thumb warmer upgrades.

Just like previous models, these newest Polaris Sportman ATVs are available with several trim and accessory options.

The 2021 Polaris Sportman 450 H.O. & 570 See The First Major Updates In Eight Years

Here is the full 2021 Polaris Sportman line pricing:

  • The 2021 Sportsman 450 H.O.’s base price is $6,399 and the Sportsman 450 H.O. EPS base is $7,299.
  • A 2021 Sportsman 570 base is $6,999 and the Sportsman 570 EPS base is $7,999.
  • The Sportsman 570 Premium base is $8,399, and the Sportsman 570 Ultimate Trail LE base price is $9,499. The top-of-the line Sportsman 570 Hunter Edition’s base price is $10,299.
  • Finally, the Sportsman 570 Ulmate Trail LE base is $9,499. The Sportsman 570 Utility HD LE’s base price is $8,649.

More details about these (and other) Polaris products are coming soon.

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