Spied: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Test Mule Cruises Las Vegas

We should see the actual car without camouflage in the coming months

This is the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee slinking up and down the Vegas strip.
(Images: TFLoffroad)

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been testing everywhere.

Sighted on the Vegas strip, this 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is probably undergoing hot weather and casino testing in Nevada. We’ve had sightings in several states and even got a few reports about the seriously upscale-looking interior.

Aside from the more angular shape (which is apparent, despite the coverings) it looks a bit longer. That could do with the rumor which has the Grand Cherokee as a five and seven-passenger SUV. Still, it maintains the overall shape of the current Grand Cherokee. It’s hard to mistake it for anything else.

FCA and Jeep have been pretty quiet about this vehicle for some time. Still, we know it’s coming and we know it’s coming fairly soon.

What we do know:

  • This is an all-new model based on a larger Giorgio platform, which currently underpins the Alfa Romeo Stelvio – among others. This is said to be a lighter, stronger platform with lots of configuration potential.
  • There will be several trim and 4×4 systems available, possibly a PHEV/hybrid version.
  • It will have the newest U-Connect 5 system, which is debuting in the newest Chrysler Pacifica.
  • There have been, and there could be more production delays – thanks to the Covid-19 crisis.

What we think could happen:

  • There could be 1/2-a dozen engine configurations. This could include the base Pentastar V6, turbocharged I4 (hybrid or PHEV?), new (rumored) turbocharged I6, 5.7-liter HEMI V8, V6 diesel…. maybe even a Hell Cat version like the current Trackhawk.
  • It should have the same eight-speed automatic transmission now housed in many FCA vehicles, including the wrangler.
  • The Grand Wagoneer, may share many components with the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That vehicle is supposed to be based on the Ram 1500 platform – so it will be a true SUV.
  • FCA has seen success with the current Grand Cherokee Trailhawk version, so they may one-up that capability with this new vehicle.

What do you guys think? Is there something you would like to see on this upcoming Grand Cherokee that the old one omitted?

Speaking of a Hellcat/Track Hawk Grand Cherokee:

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