Top 3 Hardest Hydroline Runs, and – Farewell Stephen (Video)

(Images: TFLoffroad)

This story covers the top three hardest Hydroline runs – EVER, and a goodbye to Stephen as he heads to Truck King.

First, the good news: the video showing the top three hardest hydroline runs is a ton of fun. The bad news: it’s also the goodbye video from TFLoffroad‘s Stephen Elmer. He will head off to work with his father on the new Truck King channel. So, it’s a bittersweet video for many.

If you’re curious, the website and YouTube channel will keep on keeping on. There will be a few changes, buy we have every intention to keep the awesome off-road content coming and to add many new dimensions to make the channel and website as good as they can be.

On a personal note: I have worked with Stephen in the past, even before he joined us at TFL Studios. He’s an awesome guy with oodles of knowledge and one of the few TFL folks who loves hard-rock/metal/punk as much as I do. He’s one of the easiest to get along with, and most professional people I’ve worked with. No pride, no ego – just an attitude that we can get it done right as a team.

I’m going to miss the hell out of him. I’ll miss my friend.

Fortunately, the automotive media world is a small one and we will work together on fun stuff in the future… of that, I’m sure. – N.A.

Now, with all of that emotional stuff out of the way, check out Stephen’s final video featuring the top three hardest Hydroline runs!

It all starts out with a Chevy Colorado ZR2 crew cab. At the time, this was the most off-road worthy midsize truck from GM (before the Bison came along). Next up, it’s the Can-Am Defender X MR. This is a side-by-side that is especially built for deep mud. It shows! Finally, it’s the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro “ice breaker”! The 4Runner took a beating, but it simply kept on going and going. Check out all of this in the video below.

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