Extreme Off-Roaders Go Electric & What Does It Have To Do With Lewis Hamilton?

These electric racers pack

This is the all electric ODYSSEY 21 EV off-road racer that will perform in the 2021 Extreme E series world-wide race. (Images: Extreme E Series)

Extreme E Series off-road races are off-road EV races in remote regions of the world – for a good cause.

The Extreme E Series is a lot more than a venue for international off-road electric vehicle racing; it is loaded with unique vehicles, locations, celebrities and a real message. Racing in just about every environment, the Extreme E Series will pit several racing teams against each other in rally-stage-style racing.

Extreme conditions, difficult terrain and torque-monster EV off-road racers are only a part of the equation. The other purpose of the Extreme E Series is to call attention to climate change. Each venue will focus on a regions challenges and possible solutions.

The series will begin in early 2021.

| Driver: Kevin Hansen| Car: Odyssey 21|| Photographer: Shivraj Gohil| Event: Extreme E Testing October 2019| Location: Chateau De Lastours| Series: Extreme E| Country: France |

This is how it started:

“In late 2018, Extreme E Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag met with motor racing legend, and good friend, Gil de Ferran for breakfast. Over coffee, the pair dreamt up the idea of a spectacular, captivating, narrative-driven adventure ready to tell the story of the effects of climate change and human activity on stunning, remote locations around the globe through world-class sport.”

Extreme E Series

The ODYSSEY 21 EV Race Vehicle

Built from scratch, the ODYSSEY 21 is an all-electric 400kw (550hp), all-wheel drive (AWD) serious off-road racer. It is capable of 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds. Fully independent, long travel suspension and a seriously reinforced undercarriage give the ODYSSEY 21 a similar Dakar buggy quality. It is

Spark Racing Technology had a prototype up and running in under two months.

The lithium ion battery is located underneath the rear of the vehicle is has a 50kWh battery. That’s about half the capacity of a Tesla Model-X. Considering the weigh restrictions and range needed, the 3,500-lbs (over seven-foot wide) racer should be fairly light on its toes.

They say it can go up gradients of up to 130-percent. In a series of shakedowns, including a run at the 2020 Dakar race, the ODYSSEY 21 pried as fast, if not faster than equivalent petrol-powered vehicles.

A boat and a message.

The St. Helena was launched in 2019 and it the nerve center of the racing series. A refitted cargo/transport, she now serves as a mobile base for the racing series. To keep within the theme of lower emissions, the Extreme E series organizers are working to make the ship as clean-burning as possible.

Launched in 1989, she is nearly 350-feet long and weighs in at 6,767 tons.

“The ocean and exploration captivated me as a kid,” Alejandro said at the Extreme E launch on the River Thames in London. “Jacques Cousteau made me dream because he had a boat – the Calypso. My dream is that St. Helena becomes the Calypso of the 21st century. The ship will be the base for a huge adventure set to showcase, not only the beautiful, damaged environments we’ll visit, but also the huge challenges that our planet faces.”

Extreme E Series

Lewis Hamilton

Yes, that Lewis Hamilton. One of the greatest Formula 1 racers currently living is sponsoring a Extreme E Series racing team. This is great news for the series as he brings additional international recognition to this event. He is the team’s owner, but not one of the drivers.

His team is called: X44.

“Not only will we visit remote locations facing the front line of the climate crisis, we will also work closely with these locations and leading climate experts to share our knowledge and leave behind a positive legacy in each location which goes far beyond the race track.

“As Founder of X44, I am looking forward to building my team around important values such as sustainability and equality. None of us are perfect and we all have improvements to make, but I am excited to use our platform to highlight the most serious issues facing our planet and the solutions we can all be part of.”  

Lewis Hamilton

This is an exciting and unique worldwide series. Not only is it working to show the effects of climate change, it is also showcasing new technology. The TFL Studio team is very interested to see ho EV off-road races do in a variety of environments. We are also looking forward to seeing how this unique racing series plays out on a world stage.

You can see all the details at extreme-e.com.

Stay tuned for updates!

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