Small & Mighty! 1987 Suzuki Samurai Conquers Tombstone Hill

1987 suzuki samurai

Our (Nathan’s) 1987 Suzuki Samurai takes on Tombstone Hill and shows its grit.

One of the reasons the 1987 Suzuki Samurai is such a great off-road machine is based on its simplicity. It’s small, has old-school solid axles, great gearing and amazing maneuverability. We love the fact that it is all analogue with old tech throughout.

Out Tombstone Hill series of off-road obstacles is meant for testing crossovers to their limit. It has a combination of steep angles, loose dirt, rocks and off-camber dips. It tests traction, articulation, brakes and power – all at the same time.

A three-inch lift, shocks, tires, wheel, lights and armor were added. This was after new front brakes and a bunch of engine maintenance was attended to.

Usually, Tombstone Hill is best suited for crossovers or SUVs that aren’t built for serious off-road activity. Still, these vehicles may encounter difficult off-road trails from time to time. Using Tombstone as a benchmark, we can ascertain a vehicle’s strong and weak points.

The 1987 Suzuki Samurai isn’t truly challenged by the course. At the same time, it does fight for traction given its old tires.

Lots of upgrades

Among other upgrades, the ’87 Samurai got serious rock sliders from Low Range Off-Road. After being bolted on, Nathan opted to have them welded on as well.

Dozens of videos and reviews have been posted with this vehicle, and it’s proven to be popular with many of you. Since TFL Studios purchased the Samurai (and Nathan purchased it from the studio a year later) it has been modified. The engine, brakes, suspension and armor have all been augmented, making the climb even easier.

Viewers and readers have been asking to see more of the Suzuki, so we delivered!

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